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Parthi (Dasara) News...


Lovingly forwarded by Manoj Govindraj

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Swami gave the dassera discourse yesterday to the joy of entire universe. Recvd a mail from one of the brother in Parthi, 

Let me give you a brief about happenings at Parthi. Last week was a very busy one here for us as we had one week of Grama Seva. As usual, it was a very wonderful experience. We covered around 50 villages in Puttaparthi and Kothacheruvu Mandals. Swami was fully involved in the programme. Every morning He would come to Sai Kulwant Hall by 7.00 a.m. itself to bless all the staff and students. We would then circumambulate the Mandir and start on our journey to the villages. The people at the villages were ecstatic to receive Bhagawan's Prasadam. In the afternoon we would be back in Kulwant Hall by 3.30 p.m. There used to be talks by two to three students and faculty. Some days we had beautiful music programme by the Music College students. Swami would come to Kulwant Hall either in the golf car or on the sofa-on-wheels.

Dussera celebration went on as every year. Yajnam started on the 29th of September and concluded today. Half of the students would stay back for the Yajnam while the other half would go for Grama Seva. Swami would sit in the Poornachandra Hall everyday watching the Yajnam. He would be wheeled onto the stage on a normal sofa on wheels. On two days, Bhagawan insisted that the sofa be wheeled all along the stage and even below so that He could give Darshan to the students and others from close quarters.

Ayudha pooja was celebrated on Ashtami, i.e. on Friday. Swami spent almost an hour blessing all the vehicles, giving photographs to His chauffeurs, and distributing sweets and chocolates to students and devotees as He usually does. (Photographs in the album).

Yesterday was the climax of all the celebrations. Poornahuti of the Yajnam was performed by Swami at around 9.45 a.m. He sat on the sofa with wheels. Later during Poornahuti, He stood up and blessed the Yajnam. He materialized a beautiful chain for the main Pandit. He then went to the corner of the stage where the Devi Pooja is performed. Aarti was offered and Swami blessed the Pandits with the sacred water. However, sprinkling of water was limited only to the Pandits. Even after this Swami sat on the stage for quite some time. Music College boys sang some Devi songs. The Pandits chanted Vedic Mantras in Ghana Patham style. Swami was lost in Bliss!!

In the evening, Sri Ajit Popat from U.K., Dr. Narendranath Reddy from U.S. and our dear Prof. K. Anil Kumar shared their experiences with the assembly. After this, suddenly Swami consented to give His Divine Discourse. Believe it or not, He stood up and gave a full fledged Discourse with Bhajan and all that. A brief about His talk…

During His talk He mentioned that all of us feel that He is not keeping good health because we look at Him from the physical body point of view. He declared that He is keeping very good health, very good health!! He said that He was not the body but the indweller of our hearts and that nothing could happen to Him. In fact He revealed that He would remain perfectly fine until the age of 96 years. He said that because we feel that Swami is having a problem, He appears to us in that way. "Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati". If we feel He is beyond the body and is perfectly fine, He will be so. Then He spoke about the significance of Devi Navatri. The key points He covered were:

a)      The main message of Swami to all is Love.
b)      When you get up early in the morning, remind yourself that you are the embodiment of Love. Then the Love will manifest through you.
c)      You and I are one. Remove all differences.
d)      Tell yourself `I am God' all the time.

There are several photos of the Dussera celebrations in the album.

Well, this was in brief the excerpt of the Discourse. Today evening there was a programme by the students of Swami's school in New Delhi. We all enjoyed it. Swami materialized a beautiful chain for a young child who performed excellent Bhangra dance.

Jai Sai Ram.


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V Krishnan
Subject: News item on Swami's Dasara Discourse

Baba allays fears over his health

Allaying fears among his devotees with regard to his deteriorating health, Satya Sai Baba has assured them that no physical ailment can touch him till he entered 96th year of his life.

Delivering a speech on the occasion of Dasara in the Sai Kulwant Hall of the Prashanti Nilayam on Sunday, the Baba said he did not suffer from any problem on the health front.

He said people’s fears were based on his frail physical frame. But one should not ignore the fact he had great powers in him.

(Deccan Chronicle : 7.10.03)