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Kishor Borkar

Dept. of Ophthalmology

Believing in GOD and praying with all your heart makes impossible things possible. I would like to share with you one such experience which has happened in my family .

My sister's son got malignant tumor in his back on the right side. They no­ticed it one day when he complained of some pain below his right arm and then saw some swelling. Next day they took him to a doctor. The Doctor said that it was related to bone and they better show him to an orthopedic doctor. They then went to an orthopedic doctor who exam­ined and prescribed some medicine, but the boy didn't get any relief. After a month when the swelling grew they went to Nagpur for medical advice. There, after biopsy report, they declared that it was cancer.

My brother-in-law phoned me that day. I told him to bring him here for Blessings of Swami and told him that we shall pray.[ Since then we started to apply Vibhuti while chanting the vibhuti mantra four times every day.] They came to Puttaparthi, next day along with me boy sat for darshan . Swami came and gave him vibhuti and said "Do as the doctor said. My Blessings are there".

They went to Nagpur Mayo Hospital and admitted him for surgery. After all the investigations and X-ray report all the con­cerned doctors held a meeting and they referred him to Tata Memorial Hospital in Bombay . At the Tata Memorial Hospital. after the examinations they started chemo­therapy to reduce the size of the tumour. As per the tests and CT-Scan report the doctor said that there is only 5% hope of life because the cancer had spread to the ribs lungs and is spreading over the kid­ney. They also declared it as PNET tu­mor. After five chemo-therapy sessions the tumor size had reduced so much that the doctor advised for surgery. As the ninth rib was affected it had to be re­placed. Before surgery they asked us to bring an artificial rib which is needed for the surgery, which we brought. Surgery was done successfully and doctor said that the rib was alright and did not need replacement. And the lungs and kidney were also alright. After the operation the doctor advised for radiation therapy. But after examination and seeing the reports they said radiation was not required they would just complete the chemo-therapy course only.

Now he is absolutely normal. It has happened because of Swami's Grace Not only our family members, everybody who came to know about him, prayed for him. The local Sathya Sai Samithi all the members prayed to Bhagawan to bless him and save his life. Indeed Bhagawan listens to our heart-felt and fervent prayers. It was only the prayer which saved him. We are very very grateful to our most Beloved Bhagawan Sai Nath.

sourced: SAI SPANDAN - Journal of SSSIHMS Prasanthi Gram - Third Issue