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Love Is Your Sole Refuge


Once there was very rich millionaire in a small town. One night, A very strong and powerful dacoit entered the house through a hole made in the wall as he and his family-members were all asleep. The millionaire and his family could do nothing before his strength. The robber mercilessly killed them all and himself took possession of the house and the wealth. Similarly, The ego resides in the man's heart filled with a thousand kinds of Abhimanas. The greatest dacoit (Manasachora) enters heart through the man's ears and ruthlessly annihilates his egoism and his very big family composed of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya and all kinds of Abhimanas. Finally, the Lord himself takes possession of the heart and mind with his vast riches of talents and intelligence.


The Lord will make the most wicked heart melt in repentance and he can also make every heart sprout into prema and shanthi. The Lord will give instruction for those who are suffering with mental crisis and for those who are afflicted by doubt and for those who are not clear about their goal or path. The instructions are useless for those who have known neither goal or path, neither thirst not yearning. As the carpenter shapes the wood, the blacksmith shapes the iron, the goldsmith shapes the gold, So the Lord shapes everyone in his own way. The only way for Liberation is Surrender to lotus feet of the Lord.


The greatest obstacle on the path of surrender is ahamkaara (egoism) and mamakaara (mineness or possessiveness) that has been inhering to your personality since ages by sending its tentacles deeper and deeper with the experience of every succeeding life. Egoism is due to Ignorance which is mistaken identity of the body as the Self! Egoism can be removed only by the twin detergents of discrimination and renunciation.


The sign of Viveka(discrimination) is "BE IN THE WORLD, BUT DO NOT LET THE WORLD INTO YOU." You are neither unaffected by the fate of your shadow when it is falling on mud or dirt, hollow or mound, thorn or sand, wet or dry patches of land nor the shadow is least affected by the dirt. Similarly, get convinced that 'you' are shadow of the Absolute. Get fixed to this 'Truth' by following systematic process of sadhana. This is the remedy for all sorrow, travail and pain. The ripe aspirant does not feel the blows of fate or fortune; it is the unripe man who is wounded by every blow.


Do not feel proud when you are able to help another because your skill, wealth, strength, courage and the chance to serve are the gifts to God given to you to serve poor, illiterate, weak, diseased, grieving and the broken-hearted. Do not attach yourself too much to this body or to the things that bring comfort to it. Use your Viveka to detach from the three friends that you come into contact in this life -


1. First     - The riches you accumulate which refuse to come with you when you move out of this life;


2. Second - Kith and kin who accompany your body up to the burial ground or cremation-ghat;


3. Third   - The merit and demerit which accompany you to the last;


Do not waste your time in adopting umpteen number of practices and bodily postures in the name of Spiritual Sadhana. none of these can help to attain Atma jnana. Prema (Love) is the undercurrent of all forms of spiritual sadhana. Wisdom is not physical knowledge, secular knowledge or knowledge relating to the objects of nature. One has to realise the perishable nature of this deha (body) and realise the indweller (dehi). Understanding that Atma transcends the name and form and Experiencing the principle of non-dualism by the jnana chakshu (eye of wisdom) is true wisdom (Advaita darsanam jnanam).


Sath (Existence) is derived from the source of all Sath, Brahman (Supreme Reality) Itself;


Chith(Consciousness) is derived from the source of all Chith, Brahman Itself;


Anandha (Bliss) is derived from the source of all Anandha, Brahman Itself;


You are all Sath-Chith-Aanandha swaruupa (embodiments of Existence - Consciousness-Bliss).



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai