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You will have lasting peace if you leave everything to Lord's will. 




Once two men were caught in middle of an ocean. They stood on a rock for help far away from the shore. It was dark; Clouds gathered in the sky; Even a sight of the shore was lost; Waves were lashing on the rock and the ocean got turbulent. In the darkness, a man appeared before them and said "Come with me. I shall take you to the shore." The wise man readily accepted the help and got into the boat. The fool questioned many questions like "How will you take us across the waters? What happens if the boat is defective? What happens if the man is a dacoit?".  Finally, the wise man safely reached the shore guided by the boatman. The fool was quickly swallowed up by the rising waves of the ocean. Similarly, the Jiva gets blinded by the gathering clouds of materialism and disharmony gets caught in the ocean of Samsara. The Guru comes to him with the boat of Lord's name (Bhakthi) and beckons man to follow him to safely cross over to the shore (immortality). The wise man readily does so but the fool has a thousand doubts and a million misgivings. He questions the bonafides of the Guru and validity of Bhakthi. Soon, the fool was once again swallowed up in the huge ocean of Samsara and lost the greatest opportunity of saving himself given to him by God. You will have lasting peace if you leave everything to Lord's will. 


The guru (spiritual teacher) shows you the guri (goal); but, you must generate the power yourself by your own saadhana (spiritual effort). Correct your intellect (buddhi) with the help of your spiritual master who will counsel, help, command, condemn and standby as friend and well-wisher and makes you to give up evil propensities and to recognise the straight path that reach the goal. The easiest path to self-realisation is the surrender of the ego (sharanaagathi).


The real you is the Aathma. The seen world has unseen Paramathma as its base. Do not complain that God is invisible because it is your fault not to recognise God in all his manifestations. Manas (mind), buddhi (intellect), chiththam (thought), ahamkaaram (egoism) and indhriya (senses) are like the bricks, iron rods,cement, wood, etc., that make up a house for the Aathma to live in. Use your body as vehicle to search, investigate and discover that base. You can realise about your “Self” only by constant meditation, by moving in good company, by listening to the talks of realised men and by following some prescribed course of discipline.


Do not hold japam and dhyaanam as the game; hold fast to them.

Offer the fragrant flowers of your own virtues to the Lord;

Let tears of joy be the holy water with which you seek to wash the feet of the Lord;

Treat your upaasana devatha (deity being worshipped) as comprising all forms of divinity;

Do not argue one form is less and another is more; all are equally sweet;

Seek to identify yourself with some grand and glorious entity;


You must help yourself to satisfy the hunger of the spirit. You are suffering with infection caused by viruses like kama (desire), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (delusion), madha (pride) and mathsarya (jealousy). These viruses cause discontent, worry, grief, pain and finally they do not allow your divinity to shine forth. This ignorance will vanish once you give up the idea that you are the body. Do not yield to them. Fight them with faith that you are unconquerable and brave them by manifesting your inner strength. You are yourself "manifestation of God." Your real nature is purity, peace and joy.


Life is a game: Play it.

Life is Love: Share it.

Life is a challenge: Meet it.

Life is a dream: Realise it.





Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai