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Bind yourself to the great liberator (God)


The Koshakara bird lives inside the trunk of the tree and builds a strong nest close to the bark. The bird goes on strengthening the nest on all sides and absolutely leaves not even a pin-hole in it in order not to leave any room for invasion by any other creature. Finally, the bird perishes inside as it blocked for safety and had not left even a small hole to breathe. Similarly, the Grihasta builds his nest of home and family in such a way so that no room is left for any vritti other than those sense-indulgence(i.e., material with which his cage is made) to enter his mind. Finally, he perishes miserably within his hard and strong nest as he had not left small hole of vairagya so that he would breathe and enable to obtain food for the soul in due time. O Man! Eventhough you choose to enter the nest of Grihasthashrama, leave a little hole of vairagya in it so that you can escape into the wide world of God-realisation when the time comes.

Bind yourself to the great liberator (God) instead of keep on adding to the things which bind you to them. Practise detachment little by little from now on because a day will come sooner or later when you will have to give up all that you hold dearly. Keep the engine of mind free from the dust and dirt of sensory yearning so that you can ascend the heights of spiritual progress easily. One has to make hard struggle to fight with the forces that pull him down when he tries to climb from animal to man and man to madhava.  

Aachara (application in practise) and Vichara (continuous self-examination) are important in the Spiritual path. The confusions and travails that afflict you are the consequences of impure speech and impure sight. Practise pure speech, holy reading, holy listening, seeing holy things to make the heart pure. Always be in the awareness of Brahman to make your acts sacred and successful. Practise to be in Brahmacharya (moving ever in Brahman) and cognise that your existence is in Brahman, through Brahman and for Brahman.

The journey to the source of being (Lord) is like swimming against the fast current. It is not possible to describe the infinite aspects in terms of limited words and limited experience. The Lord will not come where money is exhibited to demonstate one's achievements in the name of God. The Lord needs your feeling, emotions, yearning, sincerity, total surrender and faith but not the bhajans made using drums, cymbals, violins and other accessories. A moment of concentrated prayer from the heart is enough to melt and move God but not the number of hours shouted in the name of Namavalis. Your devotions towards lord should help in the removal of jealousy, envy, vanity, egoism and greed. Complete surrender and complete purity are essential for bhaktha to attain the Lord. 

The Following are of no worth

The years of life that know no calm;

The talents that receive no reward;

The life that has not garnered wisdom;

The temple where there is no atmosphere of reverence;

The talk that does not communicate knowledge;

The hand that knows no charity;

The tongue that does not utter the name of God;


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai