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Give up entanglement with the material world



Valmeeki was a highway robber who killed hundreds without hesitation. He was the slave of passion and motion. but, when the seven Sages whom he waylaid counselled patience, forbearance and self-inquiry, he turned heroically into the path of Raam (giving up the path of kaama i.e., lust) and achieved immortality and became Narrator of Rama's story. He transformed himself from the Raajasik (passionate) stage into Saathwik (balanced) . The spiritual adventure i.e, leap from darkness into light needs extraordinary courage. Courage to give up entanglement with the material world is a great achievement. The reward for this courage is Divine Grace.


God has given you wonderful body, sweet tongue, an amazing instrument i.e., mind, intelligence, powers of analysis and synthesis, the capacity to receive and give up, to remember and to forget. Use these gifts to see him everywhere in all beings, to seek him through all the ups and downs, through the joys and grief, while doubts and decisions of life. Follow the syllabus of Bhajan, Dhyanam, Namasmaran to develop a taste for the Personal God and later for the Impersonal God who is limitless, underlies time and space and who is without name and form. The attachment to the senses and to the sensory world must be transmuted into attachment to the Aathma (Lord) so that it may confer on you the Sweetness of Bliss so that you can see, taste, hear and experience that "Ishaavaasyamidham --- All this is God." 


The Chathaka bird of legends is not distracted by the darkening sky, the reverberating thunder, the blinding lightning and the destructive rain. It flies up with open beak to receive the first few virgin drops between earth and sky. Similarly, A sadhaka has to develop this kind of thirst for God, Yearning for Anandha (bliss) of the highest order. The butter is in every drop of the milk but it can be seen by process of boiling, curdling and churning. Similarly, The Immanent God can be visualised and experienced as Real by following certain spiritual disciplines like repeating the Name of God.  


Fill your heart with faith and devotion earned through japa and dhyana. Make sure the content of the heart is not leaked through the leaks of cynicism, of fear, of fanaticism and of delusion. You cannot condemn water as saltish by putting salt in place of sugar. So too, You cannot crave for Peace and Liberation by putting of yourself shackles of duality. The pure yearning for love, for service, for expansion, for expression, for fulfillment is soiled by contact with selfish ends, with greed and envy, malice and hatred, lust and pride. This yearning is to be treasured and cultivated alone and in silence until it is strong enough to meet failure or success with composure. Naamasmarana (remembrance of God) within the silence and solitude of your own heart is very beneficial for this purpose. 


The thought manifests as word;

The word manifests as deed;

The deed develops into habit;

The habit hardens into character; 


So, One has to watch the thought and let it spring from Love that is born of respect that "All beings are divine".  


Disease of ignorance can be cured by taking the medicine of japa-dhyana;

Disease of over-attachment to worldly objects can be cured only by the drug of attachment to God;




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai


Source : Puttaparthy, 1970 (All-India Conference of  Workers of Shri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations)