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When the Lord does not approach the devotee, the fault lies in the heart of the devotee


Once A father wanted to test the intelligence of his two sons and allotted to each of them the task of looking after a mango tree promising to reward the boy whose tree yielded the best fruit in abundance. The foolish boy discovered that the leaves were withering off and promptly watered every leaf. The leaves withered still more and the tree eventually died. The wise boy went on watering the root and so finally, the tree was green, healthy and yielded delicious fruits in abundance. Similarly, God gives human birth to man in order to test the evolution of his intelligence. The foolish man seeks to pay attention to the satisfaction of his sense-cravings and to the acquisition of worldly knowledge to get the reward of Eternal Peace and Immortality and finally dies the miserable death of an ignorant man. The wise man devotes himself to the contemplation of God (The Root of all Creation) and thus obtains all the wealth and knowledge of the universe. God gets pleased with him and bestows upon him the reward of Immortality and Eternal Bliss. Water the root (Krishna) of joy in your heart with tears so that you get the chance to sing and praise his name and glory. Do not use the tears of sorrow as they contaminate the Lotus feet of the Lord.  

Bhakthi is really unswerving loyalty to God with form, name and attributes (sakaara, saguna, swaruupa). When you place your attachment, your affection, you unswerving loyalty at the feet of Lord, it becomes Nishkaama bhakthi (desireless), paraa bhakthi (Supreme), madhurya bhakthi (Sweet devotion) and Karma Bhakthi (devotion in action). Ghee transforms into white and granular form when exposed to cold from its natural state of colourless liquid. Similary the nirakara is rendered sakara in the cool recesses of the bhaktha's heart.

There is a mixture of reality and unreality in the variety of the universe. The happiness contributed by unreal things is as unreal as you derive from your dreams. When you are drawn towards unreality (i.e., pleasure giving objects and other material gains), you are inviting worry, fear, anxiety and ashaanthi (absence of peace). Your duty is to draw strength from the belief that “Lord is the impeller of all your activities”. Develop faith "All is his and nothing yours" because he is the prompter, the executer, the giver of the required strength and skill and the enjoyer of the fruit. The faith thus gained, holy company and holy thoughts must be applied to the ego-affected mind until Reality is realised.

You are unaware of diseases that eat into the very vitals of your happiness i.e., diseases of envy, malice, hatred and greed.  You ignored the divinity in you and the opportunity (life) to unfold it is getting wasted. The gifts of reason and conscience must not be wasted through neglect. You cannot see Lord's Omnipresence because you are blind. Believe that the Lord is living in every heart and so any pain (physical or mental) inflicted on anyone result in the slighting the Lord or denying him because he is everywhere.

Purify the heart by being good and kind to all;

Do not attempt to find fault with others;

Look upon all with love, respect and with faith;

Do not entertain hatred or contempt in your heart;

Repent for the errors that you commit and decide never to repeat them;

Pray for strength to carry out your resolutions;

Show your anger, bitterness, ill will through words (if must) but not through action;

When the magnet does not attract the needle, the fault lies in the dirt that covers up the needle. So too, When the Lord does not approach the devotee, the fault lies in the heart of the devotee i.e., it is not pure enough to attract him.


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai